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Download & Sign

Step 1: Download Handbook:  Employee Handbook

Step 2: Sign Acknowledgment Form

Acknowledgement of Conditions for Employment

-The penalties for unacceptable behavior are clearly stated in the chart provided.

-You must be able to accept text messages, emails and have basic understanding of the internet. This is how upcoming work will be communicated with you. As a new employee you will receive notification on how to use the scheduling program.

-If you are pregnant you MUST have a doctor’s work release on file with the office stating you are ok to work.  We need a work release for every trimester.

-If your contact information or location status changes during your employment it is your responsibility to communicate that to the office.

-It is your responsibility to notify your labor coordinator if you are willing to travel to work or will only work in the city nearest your address.

-If you see a job you would like to learn talk to your steward, do not assume you can be self-taught.


Upstage Center, Inc. is a drug free and alcohol free workplace.  Any suggestion of impairment by either drugs or alcohol will result in you being sent home from a work call.  This will be a decision made from the Steward in charge.

We have the right to drug test at random and by signing this form you will acknowledge that you understand in the event of an accident and/or injury requiring emergency care or hospitalization all emergency care facilities will be authorized to collect a urine or blood sample analysis.  Should this analysis be returned with positive results for illegal drugs, unauthorized or controlled substances, prescription drug abuse, inhalants and/or alcohol – all medical coverage provided by Upstage Center, Inc. and their insurance shall be denied.  By signing this form you give the authorized laboratory your permission to release the results of such testing to Upstage Center, Inc. or their authorized agent.

I have received a copy of the handbook and acknowledge my acceptance of all rules, regulations and policies.