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Job Application

  • Application for part time stagehand work when it is available.

  • Note: You must be 18 to apply.
  • Drivers License or State ID is required
  • Yes or No, if yes please explain:
  • Yes or No, if No please explain:
  • List your last two employers below, starting with the most recent.

  • List two former supervisors or instructors below, who have knowledge of your work ethic, punctuality, and teamwork abilities.

  • Emergency Contact

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  • By signing this form I understand that in the event of an accident and/or injury requiring emergency care and/or hospitalization that all emergency care facilities and/or hospitals shall be authorized by an official agent of UPSTAGE CENTER to collect a urine or blood sample analysis. Should this urine analysis be returned with positive results, for illegal drugs, unauthorized or controlled substances, prescription drug abuse, inhalants of abuse, designer drugs, synthetic drugs, and/or alcohol, all medical coverage provided by UPSTAGE CENTER and their insurance company shall be denied. I furthermore give the authorized laboratory my permission to release the results of such tests to UPSTAGE CENTER and/or UPSTAGE CENTER’s authorized agent.